Node status information
BTC ONLINE since Fri Nov 11 17:48:11 2022
Software: bitcoincore
Updated: Mon Nov 28 09:02:31 2022
DASH ONLINE since Mon Sep 19 18:10:54 2022
Software: dashcore
Updated: Mon Nov 28 09:02:31 2022
ETH ONLINE since Sun Nov 27 23:00:21 2022
Software: geth
Updated: Mon Nov 28 09:02:31 2022
(patched with this commit by gituser543 for signing transactions with external private keys)
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Occasionally, ETH (and ERC-20) transactions you send to us may take a bit longer to be detected (10-15 minutes). The Ethereum node software stack that is released as "stable" on the official site currently contains a lot of critical bugs. Random crashes, blockchain desync and even blockchain files corruption happen to our Geth instance at least 2 times per week, which makes this software extremely unstable for the production use. Geth core development team are extremely incompetent and refuse to admit or investigate such bugs while their universal solution is to resync the whole blockchain whenever their product brakes itself (example issue of an unfixed bug). Note that Ethereum is the only project with official software stack being broken among the cryptocurrencies we receive, thus, we count on your understanding and that someday the whole Ethereum development finally gets some competent developers or at least a node not written in insecure for production environment languages such as Go/Java/NodeJS. Things got especially worse after the PoS merge, since they now often throw an excuse accusing beacon chain software of being broken, which makes it simple for them to disclaim the responsibility. We use Lighthouse for the beacon chain and it's the only client that is stable and developed by the competent programmers. It's written in Rust, which isn't our favourite language as well due to dependency chain security risks, but that's still much better than Go or Java. We made some health monitoring scripts to determine when Geth gets into a broken state. If your transaction wasn't detected in time, it means our node was restarted some minutes ago and it's resynchronizing and your transaction will be detected once synchronization finishes.
LTC ONLINE since Sun Nov 27 21:29:38 2022
Software: litecoincore
Updated: Mon Nov 28 09:02:31 2022
XMR ONLINE since Sat Nov 19 08:58:13 2022
Software: monerocore
Updated: Mon Nov 28 09:02:31 2022