Questions & Answers
What are cryptocurrencies you support?
Litecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Ethereum and Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens
Who are your liquidity providers? Can you proof your reserves?
We do not use any third-party liquidity providers and all our reserves belong to us, allocated on our nodes. We can provide a proof of reserves on request.
How exchanges are performed?
We generate a one-time input address exclusively for you. Once you transfer the required amount to it and it gets confirmed, you will receive the cryptocurrency purchased.
Do you need any documents from me in order to exchange?
No. We are a non-KYC exchange. We also never require SoF.
What is your .onion address?
Do you collect any client metadata (browser info, IP, etc)?

We don't collect any metadata.

Are you a registered entity?

We are a company registered in Belize. Our entity details:

Company name: Private Project Facilitators LTD.
Company number: 176168
Do you have an affiliation program?

Yes, follow this link to participate.